An Open Letter to Marco Rubio

Senator Rubio,

I voted for you because you made me believe that your story was like the story of many people in my state.  As a teacher, I have taught many students whose parents brought them here for the promise of better opportunities in exchange for hard work.  I believed that was the person that you were and I believe money and power has corrupted you since.  

In the past month, I’ve heard your lies.  I’ve watched you run away and dodge people who are just asking for an opportunity to be heard.  I’ve heard you call them names.  I’ve heard your condescending tone as you try to give them a quick pat on the shoulder before running off again.  Most importantly, I’ve heard your ear piercing message of silence.

Voters are angry due to your actions.  Your silence on every platform, from town halls to emails and phone calls, to social media, has sent a very clear message of, “I don’t care about you or your issues.”  Your votes in Washington prove, “I only care about myself.”  You have voted along your own political agendas since Trump was inaugurated.  You have accepted more money than any other Senator and have been the most absent in regard to your constituents.  It’s no wonder the people of Florida have lost faith in you.  You have become a marionette and Washington controls the strings.  They own you, so much so, that I believe you have lost all ability to speak to, or for those you represent.

You were elected to represent the people of Florida.  People like me, Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. who voted for you.  You have an obligation to listen and hear their concerns.  You have an obligation to research their concerns, weigh them against other options and find solutions in Washington.  Holding on to one belief, for example, “ObamaCare doesn’t work,” does not serve all people.  Your voters are scared that repeal before replacement leaves their loved ones without care.  Why won’t you listen to their stories?  Why won’t you reassure them that you are working in their best interest?  Have you lost the basic human ability to at least act like you care about those you represent?

We don’t expect you to have all the answers.  We know things are in chaos.  We don’t expect you to agree or concede on every issue.  We just want you to listen and weigh the issues fairly.  Recently you spoke to a constituent and you justified your absence, your silence, your lack of accountability by calling the people of your state “rude and stupid.”  I’m sorry Senator, but the opposite is true, your own rude comments, only prove your own stupidity in regard to those who hold your fate.  In 2018, Florida voters (on each side) will finally hold you accountable.


A Rude, Stupid Florida voter



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