DIY Game Night

Impromptu game nights are a great way to get younger kids together for a couple hours and create memories to last a lifetime.  Our recent game night, cost us less than $25 for 3 hours of fun… and that was just on food!  We ordered 3 hot and ready pizzas for when the kids arrived and bought some ice cream for after the games.  

I created the games from supplies at home and the kids loved them more than the store bought games.  They had a blast and I’m already brainstorming ideas for games for next time!

Don’t be scared!  Have the kids throw out an invite to some friends, and get ready for a house full of laughter!

Twerk it Out

What you Need:
  • 2 Shoe boxes
  • 2 Pieces of Ribbon
  • 6 Ping pong balls
  • Music
  • 4-6 players
  • Cut a rectangular hole in each box, big enough for the ping pong balls to fit in.
  • Measure 2 ribbons long enough to fit around the waist of the players
  • Poke a hole on each side of the box and thread ribbon through it.

Game Instructions:

  • Divide players into 2 teams and line them up single file.
  • Place 3 ping pong balls inside each box.
  • Tie the boxes around the waist of the 1st players.
  • Once music begins, player 1 will shake, dance, twerk and jump until each of the balls fall out of the box.  
  • Other players should gather the balls as they fall out so that when Player 1 gets them all out, the balls are placed in the box again, tied around the waist of Player 2, and shaken out.
  • Repeat until all players have had a turn.
  • The first team whose players all successfully shake out the balls, win!


Pantyhose Bowling

What You Need:
  • 1 Pair of Pantyhose
  • 1 Tennis Ball or Baseball
  • 6 Water Bottles
  • At least 2
  • Stuff the ball inside one of the legs of the pantyhose
  • Place water bottles in a pyramid on the floor
  • Place the pantyhose over the head of player one.
  • Player 1 will swing the ball across the water bottles knocking over as many as they can.
  • Each player gets 2 swings.
  • The player to knock over the most water bottles in 2 swings wins.


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