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Why Hire a Content Writer and Editor?

In business, communication is key.  Since most of today’s communication comes from emails, texts, memos, letters, or reports, it’s essential your message, not your emotion is being translated properly.  A text fired off in an emotional state could make your best employees run for the hills.  An email sent to a potential client without proper revisions and effective language could result in the loss of money and a new client.  It is proven that people with poor written skills come across as less knowledgeable.  This is why businesses hire copy editors and content writers, like me.

Why Hire Me?

I’m professionally trained in writing and have my Bachelors Degree in English Education.  Beyond teaching, I have experience in publishing and currently score essays for the Pearson’s College Board SAT’s.  I write content for businesses, blogs, and non profits such as the Special Olympics, whose website I manage as well.   As a freelance writer I publish content for businesses and non profits, and can help your business with day-to-day business communications.  Nobody knows your products and your company’s vision better than you, and I can help you put that passion on paper.

How Much?

Whether it’s a bank letter securing a new loan or an important email, my rates are flexible and affordable.  Starting at only $0.30 per word for small projects, or $50 per page for larger projects, hiring a content writer adds value, credibility and professionalism to your business. Contact me for more information and regarding your specific document requests.

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