My Blog Story:

In January 2017, I started a blog to write about topics I was passionate about.  It focused on my flaws as an individual, especially in regard to parenting, marriage, and wellness.   A lot of change was happening both personally and in the world around me and my blog brought a powerful outlet for me to share my views.  I wrote as an advocate for my causes, and as an Expertly Flawed wife, mother, and woman.

Aren’t we all FLAWED?  So, why is everyone always trying to cover up them up?

Soon, I discovered a network of wonderful, supportive people who actually wanted to read what I was publishing, and found inspiration in my words.  I wrote about my flaws, setting them free, while my Expertly Flawed social media accounts showed my beautiful life and family.  With positive reflection, it is possible to find beauty in our flaws!

I loved writing, but I was spending more time doing SEO and graphics than actually writing.  I realized the value in these digital marketing skills, but I wasn’t interested in growing a business, or was I?  My Expertly Flawed pages were followed by over 10,000 people and some of my posts have been used on popular blog sites reaching more than one million readers.  It boosted my confidence, but not my pocket book.

People started reaching out to me privately to write or create videos for them.  I started getting paid to write bank letters for small business loans, create posts for social media campaigns, and update website content for organizations such as Special Olympics.  I recorded and edited videos for community events and helped numerous friends record special events, including the birth of a friend’s baby.

In writing and editing for others, I have been doing less personal writing for my blog.  If it’s possible to pay the bills and keep writing in my blog, I will.  In the meantime, my focus is on helping others build their build their businesses through content writing and digital editing.  Oh yeah, and teaching… I’ll be doing a lot of that!

My social media accounts will still be focused on finding beauty in the flaws so make sure you’re following me on Facebook and Instagram.  Links to new blog posts will be published there first, as well as special offers on my services.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.  I promise to keep writing along the way!