Flawsome Production


Flawsome Production takes your memories and makes them into cherished films.  We use editing techniques to bring your videos and photos to life. Our mission is to turn your memories into well crafted digital stories that you and your loved ones will cherish for generations to come.


  1. Engagement Videos
  2. Wedding Montage (to be played at wedding)
  3. Marriage Video (ceremony and reception)
  4. Maternity and Birth Video
  5. Baby’s First Year
  6. Milestones (first steps, solid foods, first day of school)
  7. Sports; Games, Competitions, Achievements, Scouting Videos
  8. Graduation Montage or Video of Graduation (ceremony, party, etc.)
  9. Off to College
  10. Vacations
  11. Holiday Celebrations
  12. Career Celebrations (promotion, retirement, awards ceremony)
  13. Anniversary Videos
  14. Tribute Video
  15. Family Legacy


My skills are primarily in the editing room, however I do offer some videography services beyond what is outlined in my packages.  If you need help in recording these memories for you, please contact me.