About Me


I have a way of finding meaning in the ordinary.  Maybe that’s why I majored in English and Journalism, or why I’ve always been obsessed with photos and film.  A normal everyday thing, like car line becomes a series of stories for me. I see the face of an excited little girl run toward her dad and jump into his arms, the same way I notice the loneliest child sitting on the edge of a bench, while happy kids run around him.  Outside the window of a restaurant, I notice a cactus intertwined in a pine tree and realize why that has so much meaning. I turn strangers into storylines, and can turn what some might find boring, into magical moments. My knack for storytelling, combined with my professional experience have lead me here and I hope you will give me the opportunity to turn your captured memories into cherished stories.

I’ve always been obsessed with photography and film, but like many of you, I was a busy mom of 3 daughters and didn’t have time to organize all of those precious pictures and videos I took of my girls.  I felt guilty and knew that if I didn’t do something with them, they might be lost. So, when I left my job as a high school teacher, I turned my focus to preserving my family memories. I searched for every last VHS, DVD, SD card, and flash drive I could find, and  raided every working computer in my house to find my abandoned photos and videos. Then, I started to create.

Luckily, I had some experience.  As a teacher, I taught Digital Media and English, so not only did I have an innate ability to identify a theme in every story, I was technologically able to assemble and edit all of the pieces into a film.  I spent nearly a year sharing the stories of my family, with viewers on YouTube and readers of my blog. Friends started to ask me to record and edit things for them, from wedding videos, to birth stories, to graduation videos and even tributes for loved ones who have passed on.  I realized I was passionate about sharing everyone’s story, not just my own. Now it’s time to share my passion with all of you.

From your photos and videos, I can create films that you will cherish long after your kids are gone from your home.  I can interview grandparents, or great grandparents and tell their stories through a beautifully crafted legacy video that relatives will appreciate decades to come.  You’ll be shocked at how I can take shaky, blurry footage and piece it together to make something you’ll love. It’s just not right that all of those memories are forgotten or ignored, let me bring them back to life.

Everyone has a story, let me help you share yours. Contact Me