So how does this really work?

  1. Once you decide what video and package services you need, you will complete the online paperwork necessary to get started.
  2. This includes a questionnaire asking you about your videos and desired results, as well as the contract I need to gather your photos and videos.
  3. Once the paperwork is complete, you will send your videos and photos to me via online Dropbox, by mail, or we can meet in person.
  4. I will watch your memories piece by piece, pull out the emotion, determine a story line and get to work creating a movie worthy of your loved one.
  5. Depending on your package, I will coordinate a time to record any additional shots or voiceovers, as well as any interviews we may need.
  6. Your videos will be edited into a storyline using color and cropping techniques, transitions, and music will be added before making any adjustments to the overall sound and stabilization of your video.  
    • NOTE:  Stabilization and lighting corrections can be very difficult with some footage you provide.  While I will do everything I can to make your dark, shaky, cell phone recorded videos look amazing, I’m not a magician.  It’s always best to record in high def using a quality DSLR camera.
    • Also, due to copyright laws, I probably cannot use your favorite artist’s song for your film.  They require royalties for that. I have a large library of music I use royalty-free.
  7. Turnaround time depends on the order in which I receive your order, but is usually within 14 days of receiving your materials.  I will provide a specific timeline in your contract to guarantee when you will receive your edited film.
  8. If you purchased a package, your final film will come with one copy of your finished video saved to a flash drive and the option to publish your video online for free to share with family and friends.  Additional copies are available as well as the option to purchase a DVD. If you need a la carte services, please contact me.

Ready to get started? Email me for a questionnaire.