Digital Marketing Services

Networking online is essential in increasing sales.  I studied digital marketing in college, and taught it as a journalism teacher. I launched a personal blog one month ago, and have already driven thousands of people to my website.  I’ve done this by writing relatable content and promoting it on social media.

To seriously grow your business, especially among your target age group, you need a good digital marketing campaign.  Over 78% of people ages 18-45 use the internet to make purchases. You need to be in their face every day.

Digital marketing is more than just posting a listing on Facebook, although that’s important too.  It’s managing a website and writing personal posts that make people want to buy a home from you. It’s joining online marketing groups and promoting yourself.  It’s leaving links every single day on every social media platform out there. It’s knowing SEO algorithms so that you show up as a top google search when people look for a home.

This can be very pricey because of the time to write, promote & manage the accounts.  

  • Content writers average $330 per post (about $0.80 per word at 400 words).  
  • Digital marketing publishers charge about $18/hour.   
  • Website design starts at $2000 and includes buying the domain
  • Website management starts at $24/hour.

In other words, if you wanted to write, publish and promote something new every week, you would pay $792 per week for a digital marketing campaign.  

In addition to content writing services I offer some digital media and website services for a fraction of the price.  Contact me for more information.